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Blog / 2022 / August / Virtual POP Signage
August 11, 2022
Virtual POP Signage
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS


 Signage in a restaurant or retail space takes up room and there is no guarantee that customers will take notice of the message on the sign. Managed WiFi technology allows for POP signage that will take up zero space and ensures customers will see your in-store advertisements. Plus it's far simpler than you think.


Marketing to consumers on-site helps enhance and enable marketing efforts beyond the point of purchase. You can easily push your promotions right into the palm of your customer's hands and increase your customer engagement via managed WiFi. This is an innovative way to get your customers to notice your daily specials, sales or promotions with a push right onto their mobile phone screens where they are sure to be seen.


Allowing more interactive touch points

This means far more opportunities to reach your guests. Boosted customer loyalty and an increase in repeat visits are the foundation on which this application was designed. Managed WiFi now means that you can guarantee customers see your digital marketing along with your website and social media pages each time they use WiFi at your locations.

Consumers have come to expect instant access to information each time they look at their phone screen. It is because of this that consumers are far more responsive to information displayed digitally and pushed onto their phone screens.


Automate your promotions 7 days a week

An advantage of pushing content via WiFi is that it's effective without being aggressive. Information delivery can be as casual as a stand-up sign but is guaranteed to be seen and can be interactive. Plus, brands can easily change the message that customers see each time they log onto a WiFi session to serve fresh content daily if need be. It's all a part of our automated marketing suite of managed WiFi services here at One WiFi.


Increase marketing ROI


Marketing to consumers on-site helps enhance and enable marketing efforts beyond the point of purchase too such as  helping brands build more fans and followers on social media platforms. The point of purchase is the best time to get the company's Facebook or Twitter page right in front of an audience that's most likely to follow them. Businesses could also use WiFi to funnel traffic to a brand's loyalty program and incentivize customers to sign up. All content can be tracked so it is easy to tweak your marketing and promotion campaigns. . 


In today's digital marketing ecosystem, managed WiFi has earned its place as a central element and can be put on auto-pilot to deliver relevant and targeted content at a hyper-localized level. It integrates well with other digital elements and creates a symbiotic relationship with a brand's existing digital assets.


Ask for a quick demo to take a look at our new suite of automated marketing apps that come with all One WiFi service packages.