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Blog / 2009 / December
December 23, 2009
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS
Last week McDonald's publicly announced that starting in Mid January 2010 11,000 of its US restaurants will offer free WiFi. If the inquiries on WiFi Hotspot services for restaurants that have been coming in since this announcement are any indication, this new strategy is going to change the whole playing field for Quick Service Restaurants in the USA. Let us take a look at what is directing this move.
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December 8, 2009
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS
Technology has certainly changed the way we do business and how we connect with each other. It has also changed how we make decisions about spending our money, even to the point of how we choose where we eat. There are questions to be answered when you are hungry. Questions range from What am I in the mood for? to Where should we go to eat? The first question is difficult for third parties to have influence over. The answer to the second question is being heavily influenced by technology.