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As seen on Forbes: Strategic WiFi Marketing
Blog / 2018 / May / As seen on Forbes: Strategic WiFi Marketing
May 7, 2018
As seen on Forbes: Strategic WiFi Marketing
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS


Recently Henry Kurkowski, CEO and Co-Founder of One WiFi was invited to write an article on how brands can best leverage managed WiFi to build a stronger connection to their customers.


The article on Forbes titled- Strategic WiFi Marketing: How To Build A Stronger Connection To Your Customers, touches on best practices as well as strategies to use when using managed WiFi. As a co-founder of a company that is now one of the oldest managed public WiFi companies in the U.S. Henry's experience has allowed him to see and be a part of how WiFi has been used from its infancy to the ever-present tool that it is today.


In the article Henry looks back at the start of using WiFi in public spaces as a guerrilla marketing tool, to how it should best be used today and he also takes a brief look at the future.  


Learn more about how strategic WiFi will level up customer engagement by delivering interactive digital content that enhances the customer experience. Read the article on Forbes here.