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Blog / 2017 / May / One WiFi Helps Make a MESH of Things
May 30, 2017
One WiFi Helps Make a MESH of Things
by Brad Irvin   |   0 COMMENTS

 Instantly expand your guest WiFi to an outdoor patio, balcony and green spaces. With no need to run cables, it's fast and hassle-free. The warm weather is here so get ready to make a MESH.

With the arrival of spring and summer not far off you will likely see an increase of traffic through your business on nice days where people will want to use an open air space. Since many of our access points are indoor / outdoor capable, and due to the adaptive nature of a mesh WiFi network you can simply add another device whenever you decide to open up your outdoor spaces to your guests. Simply plug a 2nd One WiFi device into a nearby power outlet and you are ready to go. Zero configuration needed. Within a few minutes you will have WiFi in any area you choose without the need to run wires and no need for a network tech visit.

One WiFi has used mesh technology since our beginning and we have installed literally thousands of mesh networks all across the USA and beyond.  All One WiFi access points now come with our auto-mesh features built in. What does mesh mean for you? More options, more coverage, more expandability and reliability. Our mesh WiFi systems will give you better coverage, more speed, and a more reliable connection. This will allow you the option to add additional devices to your network to increase the range of your WiFi connection while increasing speeds in areas that are not receiving a strong signal.


This network structure is perfect for eliminating dead zones. Old buildings with brick walls, back rooms, and basements can be tricky to get a good WiFi signal to, but with a mesh network you just need a power source and an additional access point. Plug it in and it does the rest. From your main floor you can even cover the upper floors and lower floors quickly and easily with our mesh network.


Nothing beats the ease and reliability of mesh WiFi. If one device fails the others can pick up the slack with their self healing network design. If you need more coverage you do not need to worry about complicated switches or cable runs. It's complete coverage and hassle-free. One WiFi Mesh is the WiFi you've been waiting for. So if you are interested in upgrading or expanding your network then just let us know. We've got you covered. Contact us