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Blog / 2013 / September / What the Mobile Inbox Means for Marketing
September 18, 2013
What the Mobile Inbox Means for Marketing
by Mike Ebmeier   |   0 COMMENTS

 A recent study conducted by Return Path shows that e-mail open rates on mobile devices such as Phones and tablets are at an all-time high. Across all industries, the average chance of a customer opening a promotional or marketing e-mail on their smartphone or tablet sits at an unprecedented 48%.

Further establishing the transition to mobile marketing's importance is that if an e-mail is not optimized for mobile reading, 63% of consumers will delete it immediately. All of the data proves two things: that there is a tremendous advantage to embracing the mobile platform for marketing; and that there is a tremendous disadvantage to holding on to older marketing strategies.

But what does this mean to Restaurant Brands? This trend illustrates quite clearly the power and importance of mobilization in your marketing and loyalty strategies. Big Brands and small independent operators offer WiFi to make it more convenient to check e-mail on mobile devices. With that added convenience, customers become more willing to not just eat at your locations more often, but to do work and to socialize online as well. This trend is certainly not unexpected; opening an app and quickly sorting through e-mail or viewing Facebook posts with your fingers is much quicker and inviting to the average user than trudging through menus with a mouse and keyboard.

The trend of guests going mobile has opened up a remarkable number of opportunities for the modern business. Social media campaigns, promotional offers, and targeted marketing efforts have never been easier for companies to use, and as cutting edge research is proving, they have also never been more effective. Recognizing the mobile platform's ever swelling role in marketing and brand loyalty is critical for staying ahead in an increasingly savvy and connected world.