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Dunkin Brands WiFi Approved Provider


OneWiFi is your best choice.

OneWiFi offers the most feature rich & affordable WiFi systems available to your Dunkin locations. Unlike other WiFi companies our sole business is managing public WiFi Hotspots. We have been providing these services to restaurants for over a decade.  With over 12 years of experience, our quality of service and reliability make us the #1 choice for your locations.  
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With new 2 year service agreement

Fully Managed- Eliminate any work for your IT team. Hours of Operation- Option to shut down WiFi when your location is closed.
Fast Easy Install- Set up in just minutes. Hyper-Localized- Promote items and goods each time the WiFi is used at your location.
Control Bandwidth- Stop large files from eating up your internet connection. Manage Time Use- Control length of  WiFi use. Prevent people hogging valuable table space.
24/7 Support- Services backed by full technical support. Content Filtering- Prevent illegal downloads. Keep your WiFi safe and family friendly.

24 Month Full Equipment Warranty

For a full list of service features contact us at   Solutions available internationally.

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